BizforceOne Overview

BFO-ERP General

Business Force One ® consists of many features that form modules. Each feature and/or modules are designed to help organizations to run their business effectively.

BFO Financial Accounting System is the heart of the system. With very well and flexible design, BFO financial system provides you a suitable accounting system including both financial accounting and management accounting. With BFO auto generating report system along with BFO Posting profile system, you can use a range of pre-defined reports or your own customized company-specific reports help the financial and accounting department work effectively and productively. “BFO streamlines your process so that your business runs fast and lean”.

BFO Asset System help you to manage buildings, machinery, tools… called equipments or fixed assets. You would define various asset transactions: acquisitions, asset usage, depreciation or allocation, write-downs, appreciation and the disposal of assets to satisfy legal requirements, tax purposes and internal accounting purposes. You can follow-up the movement of an asset or a part of an asset from one department to another. One asset can also be split up into several assets, and several assets can be combined into one asset.

BFO Sales and Distribution System to move ahead of the competition, you need to keep your customers satisfied, and you cannot do this without an efficient and flexible distribution system. BFO® Distribution System gives you the power to act more responsively to your customers’ demands, improve your customer service and reduce your inventory and distribution costs. With the advanced warehousing functionality included in BFO® Distribution, you can reduce costs and increase efficiency in your warehouse. BFO® Distribution also helps you to increase and maintain the accuracy of your inventory data with features such as item tracking and an barcode system (2D and 3D). From your warehouse layout, to shipping, BFO® Distribution will increase the efficiency of your distribution processes. When your customers know that all your distribution resources are geared towards serving their needs, you become more than just today’s supplier of goods; you become a long-term partner.

BFO Purchasing System helps your people work with business partners and suppliers in such a way that everybody’s business model can advance and key business relationships deliver high value. BFO Procurement functionality can also help your people monitor and report on the actual productivity and business value of vendor and partner engagements, and implement appropriate course corrections. In turn, your team can practice consistent, efficient quality control over the fulfillment of vendor commitments to your company, and record their findings in such a way that it is easy for business managers to evaluate vendor performance, negotiate terms, or initiate new business alliances. Reliable demand-planning capabilities also help to control costs and align vendors firmly behind your business goals

BFO HR System helps you response quickly to the organization’changes and requirements. It saves your times for payroll job, and helps you focus on the analysis of the organization’workforce and balance scorecard. Therefore, it empowers your employees to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of human resource administration.

BFO Inventory System (Barcode Support Available) helps you to control inventory efficiently. Items are managed detail by work center, warehouse location and also logical in-transit location in terms of item unit of measure conversion. You can easily control even same item which different by variants or Item dimensions and manage the planning value (cost and price) in a matrix for advanced planning and analysis.. one of the most remarkable feature is that, with BFO inventory, information of real stock, safety stock, ordered reserved quantity is always in your hand so that you can promise to delivery in time or transfer item from nearby branches, distribution center (POS), and other warehouse locations easily. Especially, inventory figures are always online and available instantly, assisting your on-time and precise decision.

BFO Production System optimizes manufacturing process both raw materials as well as production schedule. BFO production system compares and streamlines your production planning to actual manufacturing outcome. Especially, it integrates with sales department. So that you can know your capacity to promise to your customers’need as well as your available stock to promise.

BFO Relationship Management System solution provides organizations with technologies, business applications, and best practices that help them sell, market, and service their products and services. It provides a unified view of customer information and interactions through integrated sales, marketing, and customer service features. This approach enables organizations to share information, accelerate sales, identify new revenue opportunities, and deliver more consistent customer service.

BFO Project Control System integrates with accounting department for cost/price analysis by project phases/tasks/steps. It also interfaces with MS project for import and export as modifying and updating the project status. Especially, project documents can be attached and saved in BFO system such as pictures, technical document as well as legal documents.


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