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RIOTECHZ Company Limited

RIOTECHZ Company was established by many members with many years of experience in consulting and implementing comprehensive business management systems: ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM – Customer Relationship Management, SCM – Supply Chain Management …) for many domestic and foreign company. From the practice of implementing in many different projects, TEAM RIOTECHZ understands how to help customers achieve the best business goals for customers’ investment value.

In particular, the application of tracking by QRCode throughout all activities of the business from input material input to material allocation for production, updating semi-finished output through each stage to the export to Container is all done through the ScanQR system, which helps every department be continuously updated with accurate data. Besides, the system helps traceability of products easily from finished products produced by which group to which materials are supplied by whom …

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Business Information System for the Enterprise

Most information systems can be grouped into three broad classifications—enterprise systems (ES), knowledge management/collaboration systems, and business intelligence (BI) systems. These collectively comprise the information systems architecture for an enterprise.


BizforceOne Overview

BFO-ERP General Business Force One ® consists of many features that form modules. Each feature and/or modules are designed to help organizations to run their business effectively. BFO Financial Accounting …